The Process


Because I'm here to make your life easier and reduce stress, I strive to make our partnership as streamlined as possible.

Whether it's your first time hiring a content writer or not - I will be accessible every step of the way.

The list below will help me better serve you:

1. Fill out the Contact Form with your project needs.

  • Is it blog content?

  • What is the word count?

  • How often would you like to publish a post?

  • A link to your website or blog

2. I will take a look at your website/blog and compare them with your project needs. Then respond to your email to debrief.

3. Once we have come to an agreement, I will send along my rates.

4. Afterward, you can expect a delivery time no later than10 days depending on the project. Please note this is just an estimate.

5. After delivery you are welcome to ask for up to two revisions.

6. After all is done, then you will have brand new content that you can use as you please.


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