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5 Practices to Show Yourself Love this Valentines Day

It's February and love is in the air.

With Valentine's day right around the corner, some of us may be feeling the pressure of creating the 'perfect' date while others may be feeling left out.

Valentine's day can be about showing love to your significant other but also to family, friends, and yourself.

And no matter what camp you belong too, I have seven practices that you can implement to show yourself, love, from morning to night this Valentine's day.

1. Indulge in Your Morning Routine

Every day we get up and do the same thing.

Brush your teeth. Shower. Get dressed. Make and Eat Breakfast. Head to Work.

This week make it your mission to take that extra long shower, make that overly indulgent breakfast, and dress to impress. While doing this, take the time to appreciate you have been working non-stop on achieving your 2020 goals.

Add candles or essential oils for an added effect. When you leave your house, you should feel like you are ready to face whatever the day brings.

2. Crank the Music Up

You've left the house on a high and the commute to work isn't going to bring you down.

Instead of raging at the knuckleheads on the highway, you're cruising to the beat. I know it sounds silly but, music has been known to lift the spirits.

3. Surround Yourself with Co-workers/Friends who Appreciate You

The workplace can be a challenging place to create your own space. But there are ways you can still have an awesome even if you are seated by the office nag.

a) Make it a point to say good morning to everybody...or at least the people you like. If you'd like to go a little further ask about what they have planned for the week. People love to talk about themselves and conversations with others could lift your spirits.

b) Create plans. Valentine's day lunch with a close co-worker or friend is always fun. Mimosas for lunch has a nice ring to it.

c) For those of us who like to be left alone, having lunch by yourself at the local coffee shop/eaterie is also an option.

4. Get Creative

Painting, writing, sculpting, building, music, whatever takes your fancy, and make sure you leave your inner critic at the door.

The night is yours and you can do whatever you like.

Participating in an activity you're good at will not only boost your endorphins but will bring out the best version of you

5. Let it All Go

Let go of the idea that you need someone to make this day special.

You are amazing all by yourself and have so much to offer. Instead of focusing on what/who you don't have, focus on what you do.

You are a talented multi-faceted human being. Embrace it.

What practices are you going to implement for Valentine's Day? Comment Below.

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