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Stressed Woman
Image by Jared Rice
Image by Max Bender

Recognizing Burnout as a Student

As a collegiate student, there is an underlying need to excel in academics for future endeavors like landing a high paying job or applying to another rigorous higher education program. Sometimes, to achieve those goals, many of us forego paying attention to the tell-tale signs that indicate it may be time to take a break from our busy and over-scheduled lives.

Self-care isn't just Bath Bombs and Spa Dates

The self-care movement has become a more widely discussed topic within the last few years. And although this is great, some media markets have reduced self-care to missing work, drinking wine, and avoiding responsibilities that cause them stress to maintain their mental health.
That isn’t what self-care is about.

4 Instagram Worthy Places in Toronto

The best part of traveling is admiring the scenery. We are more likely to notice minute details in places that we aren’t familiar with. Precisely why I enjoy catching these moments on camera. I primarily take pictures for personal gratification, but I do like an artsy photo or two on my Instagram feed. So based on my trip, here are four Instagram worthy places in Toronto, Ontario


Want to Travel? Here's How to Plan Your First Trip

A short guide for first time travelers.


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